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Could anyone please tell me what cocktail mix I could use for spraying my apple trees at pink bud, bud burst, petal fall and the fruitlet stage. Thanks



Nowadays, we recommend having a particular goal in mind before spraying. I.e., what will the spraying be for? Is there a particular pest or disease that always gets to the tree, if preventive spraying isn't done? The days of flooding the local environment with chemicals, just in case you need them, went out with "Silent Spring"!

14 Apr, 2011



I don't intend to flood to the local environment with chemicals but prevention is better than a cure. So with that in mind I intend to spray just the right amount at the right time. All I want to know is what to spray.



14 Apr, 2011


Ouch! Justified hit, Everytimeref! I was lumping you in with some of my old school customers--not fair to you at all!
The trouble is, there is no way to tell you what to spray, and when, without knowing what exactly you are spraying for. Patterns of infestations are different in different areas, and also often quite different from year to year. If there is a consistent pattern of say, fireblight, every spring in your area, then it is good to spray with Bordeaux mix, or copper soap, or even streptomycin, every year right after petal drop. Otherwise, it is better to inspect the tree frequently, maybe put up insect traps, and be ready to spray, etc. with the appropriate, targeted cure when the trees first show signs of trouble. Regular, broad spectrum preventative spraying is one of the main causes of the chemical resistance that many plant pests and diseases now show.

14 Apr, 2011


Thanks very much, No hard feelings.

16 Apr, 2011

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