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Hi, I recently planted some runner bean seeds in a propagator. Once they were a couple of inches tall, i moved them to 3 inch pots. They have now got to about 4 inches tall, but they still only have two leaves at the top of the shoot, is this correct? My dad says i need to put them in a bigger pots in order for them to stop growing up and get a bit bushier. Please advise



I don't think you need to worry about them bushing out yet - they don't normally start growing side shoots until they are established in the ground. You have sown them rather early,April is usually the recommended time, so make sure you keep them in good light so they don't get too leggy. Don't worry about potting them on until the first root appears at the drainage hole. They need to be in tall pots as the roots go down deeply. Something like the large yogurt pots with a drainage hole added is about the right shape. Alternatively you could put four in one of those plastic boxes you buy joints of meat in, but remember to put drainage holes in.

28 Mar, 2011


agreed, planted too soon me thinks! Pot them up a little and try your best to keep them warm (dont forget to harden them off) heap up a little compost along the stems to strenthen the stems x

28 Mar, 2011

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