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how do I get rid of Swarms of tiny airborn Gnats from
patio garden



there is know easy way . there are some plants that are supposed to supress these insects but im not sure they work . you havnt got some still water anywear for mosquitos to breed have you ? as they breed in still water .

27 Mar, 2011


Have you got a pond or any standing water anywhere? Or a permanently soggy and wet area, say from a leaking pipe or similar? Mosquitoes like rank, smelly water for breeding in, and will hang around anywhere damp.

27 Mar, 2011


where i used to live we had gnats and we had no pond. gnats come out on the warm weather and at night from about 4pm
they will get eaten by birds

27 Mar, 2011


you wrote what i wrote bamboo lol .you could just have annoying nats which are just harmless flies or mosquitos that actualy need still water to breed . even inside old car tires they only need a puddle realy .

28 Mar, 2011

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