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In places my lawn has gone very patchy with bare spots. I have dug it up to replace with turf and found that there is a white powder in the soil or maybe some type of fungus up to three inches deep mixed in the soil. Could this be the problem and need total removal before laying new turf. Could this have been caused by foxes using it as a toilet?



Hmm, well, not too sure really - more likely your lawn had snowmould and you didn't realise before you took it up. If it was that, it's not impossible its still present in the soil - you could apply Benomyl to the soil before laying turf, but check the instructions to see what it says about how soon you can lay turf, or not. If it was snowmould, this is caused by poor maintenance of turf - aerate spring and autumn and feed in April and again in late May, scarify in the autumn, don't walk on it when its covered in snow.

23 Mar, 2011


you havnt got a dog bye any chance have you ?

23 Mar, 2011

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