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By Mickmar

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

Asked if any one knew where to purchase fox urine in the UK to keep rabbits off an unfenced allotment. Mentioned this was recommended on various sites but in the US. It is sold in spray form or powder. See google - keeping rabbits off gardens and allotments. Anyone know?



do you think it would work we've foxes and stoats but it doesn't deter the pesky rabbits!!

16 Mar, 2011


I was watching for answeres to your first question, Mick, as it was so unusual. My thought was, how do they collect the urine in the first place? I have no idea where you would get it.

16 Mar, 2011


Fox fur farms, from the bottoms of the cages. It became rather scarce here for a while, possibly due to animal cruelty laws--which I'm all in favor of--but it seems to be making a comeback. Don't know how they are collecting it differently now, though. Right now, my neighbors in the north Valley have been having the best luck alternating between blood meal, and an herbal repellent.

My question now is, how do they get bobcat and coyote urine powder?!

17 Mar, 2011


I am not aware of any fox fur farms in the UK, in fact I have never heard of such a thing, so urine is unlikely to be available.

17 Mar, 2011

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