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how to improve a lawn which is full of moss



You can scarify or rake the lawn to remove the moss.Don't compost it or you'll just spread it round the rest of the garden. Then the lawn needs aerating with a special tool or just a garden fork. The moss will return unless you can solve the problem of the drainage or compaction in the lawn.

16 Mar, 2011


Alternatively, wait till April and use a combined Weed, Feed and Mosskiller treatment - then rake out the blackened moss later on and aerate. Aerating again and scarifying in the autumn will help, but if the lawn is in shade for a lot of the year, then moss is inevitable to some extent, and moss is usually prevalent following a drought ridden summer - most of us don't water our lawns, obviously, but this can and does make moss much more likely once autumn arrives.

16 Mar, 2011


Thats as I do Bamboo its amazing how quickly it improves after this, but I repeat the feed and weed after 6-8 weeks

16 Mar, 2011


Absolutely spot on, Drc - first application in April, and another May/June is exactly right. But no more after that till the following year...

17 Mar, 2011


Yes Bamboo I only feed twice each year.

17 Mar, 2011

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