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Dear All, we bought this house plant more than a year ago and really like it but lost the label so don't know what it is. We've let it overgrow a bit and it's lost its lustre - would like an ID and general care advice but also if, and how, we should prune it back. Many thanks in advance. David

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this looks like one of the asparagus ferns,but someone else may be able to tell you more.

9 Mar, 2011


Not sure which one this is, need a pic from further away showing the whole plant as well, but could be Pteris tremula, possibly Cibotium. In the end, not really important, care instructions for ferns are very similar, so here's what it needs: Average warmth - cool but not cold nights, best day and night temp. range is 60-70 deg F, keep away from heat sources such as radiators. Needs good indirect light, no direct sunlight, so an east or north facing windowsill or window is ideal. Compost must be kept moist at all times and never allowed to dry out - but this doesn't mean constantly soggy compost, if it gets waterlogged it will rot. Reduce watering in winter. Moist air essential for almost all ferns, so mist fronds regularly, or use the pebble tray technique. Repot in spring when the roots fill the pot, but don't bury the crown of the plant. Feed little and often during spring/summer, not at all in winter.

9 Mar, 2011


My mother had one of those and we called it a Maidenhair fern

10 Mar, 2011


Yes, that's what I've heard it called Cinderella, but it isn't - that's a quite different plant. That's the trouble with common names of course...

11 Mar, 2011


Dear all - thanks so much for the feedback. Will investigate the suggestions for what it is online and treat accordingly - Thankyou

3 Apr, 2011

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