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What is the best method to kill patches of clover in a lawn?



clover is good for bees.I know its a pain in a bum but the bees like the nectar from the flowers on it

6 Mar, 2011


With regular, frequent enough mowing, and regular feeding--especially organic feeds--lawn grasses have a competitive advantage over clover, and will eventually crowd it out. Otherwise, you will need to use a selective chemical weed killer, mixed with a surfactant (often sold as "spreader sticker") to keep it from just rolling off the leaves. I prefer the organic method, myself, since we still don't know the long term effects of some of those weed killers.

7 Mar, 2011


Hi Simon,
This might cause a few hurrumphs, but do you need to have a lawn like a bowling green? I love my lawn, daisies, clover, buttercups and all. So do the bees, and we really do need to look after our buzzy friends.
Happy gardening.

7 Mar, 2011

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