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Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

just got musa (banana tree) been divided from main plant can anyone advise how to care for it thank you bm



In a heated greenhouse? Plant up in a coarse, fast-draining mix, with the top of the rootstock just covered. Allow the soil to dry most of the way between watering, but once it is fully leafed out, it will probably use up water fairly fast--maybe needing a good soaking every 2-3 days. Feed it according to package directions, with a high nitrogen, low phosphate, moderate potash plant food--about 3-1-2 proportions.

In the house, care should be about the same, but with a few adjustments. Watering will probably be about 1/2 to 1/3 as often. Light will be a critical factor: some direct sun will be needed, ideally in the morning. Some source of humidity will probably be necessary, too.

Unheated greenhouses might work, but probably not in a winter like this last one.

7 Mar, 2011


thanks tugbrethil for the info very helpful bm

10 Mar, 2011

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