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Is the compost I make myself suitable for seed sowing ?,
or do I need a spedial one



Its best not to use home made compost for seeds or cuttings as it contains bacteria/spores that may cause rot of seedlings. If you've managed to get the heap up to 60C + for weeks then this will usually of killed off any bacteria. Probably best tos tick with seed compost for them and then once they are big enought to go outside in pots you can mix home made and compost together and plant them in that.

17 Feb, 2011


We don't use as out compost does not get hot enough to kill off all the weed seeds.

18 Feb, 2011


Your home made garden compost is for use on open ground, not really suitable for pots unless, as Nicky says, you're using a hot system, where its turned every 3 days, kept hot and in optimum conditions. Very good for the garden soil though...

18 Feb, 2011

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