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root trainers for sweet peas: I have googled and googled this and despite lots of recommendations to use these for sweet peas none give instructions on how to use them! I notice that the box is hinged and can close. Do you put the seeds in (at top end obviously), water and close up-open up when see signs of growth or what? The soil all falls out when it is open unless you have to carefully prop it up and leave top open for the growth. Any advice?



I'm not certain what you are using, but I know root trainers simply as trays with very narrow, deep cells that allow the seedlings' tap roots to develop fully. No propping, opening, or spilling involved.

15 Feb, 2011


Rootrainers come in 2 sizes, i use the longer ones for sweet peas, the smaller ones for just about anything else you want.
Both sizes fit in the same size outer container, holding 8 inserts of 4. You fill the container with the 8 inserts, once full the whole thing is rigid. Then you add the compost.
I would recommend sowing seeds in a tray, then transplanting into the rootrainer.
As to opening, be guided by the plant size and have a look underneath the rootrainer. If you can see nice roots coming out the bottom you won't be far off.

15 Feb, 2011


Aha! I found the brand name product, finally. It looks more elaborate than I'm used to, but potentially less traumatic to the plants when planting out. What I am familiar with was produced for the forestry industry, to grow tree seedlings, which have stronger "handles" than the average pea or bean!

16 Feb, 2011

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