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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Goji berries
Please can anyone tell me if I could plant a goji berry in the ground ?
Is the plant hardy, how big does it get, can it be pruned etc
I've bought one but it has no inf on the box
All I can find on the internet is where to buy one, But I don't want to buy one because I've already done that !



Hi Hywel don't see any reason why you can grow copy and paste the link below into your browser for full growing details

12 Feb, 2011


Hi hywel, sorry mg link didn't work when I looked, but I checked this site out earlier in the year.

I'm planting mine in the second fruit cage along with a load of blueberries bushes, straight into the soil, but mine is about 2 yrs old. And yes they are hardy.

12 Feb, 2011


Odd 2ndhand the link worked fine when I copied and pasted it just now... take you to exactly the same site that you found :-)

12 Feb, 2011


they get large if left, Hywel, and do need pruning - 2 methods, one of which is more rigorous yet yields more fruit. Google 'goji berry pruning' - lots of info comes up.

12 Feb, 2011


Thank you all
I had both 'thingys' to work :o) and lots of inf about pruning on google:o)

13 Feb, 2011

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