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I bought a venus fly trap 2 years ago. The 1st year it flowered 2 flowers and the 2nd year it flowered 2 more flowers..and 2 more on top of this which i assume is a bonus question is i would like to know how i can grow other plants from these flowers.if this is possible.if so how?



Not really from flowers 'per se' Lionel.

The usual ways of propagating Flytraps are by either division of roots or leaf cuttings. Root division is only really successful if baby plants are starting to be produced round the base of the parent plant but if that is the case this is by far the best way. They are very sensitive plants but if this is the case then they should be dug up and all growing medium washed off in rain water - tap water is a real no-no. Pull apart making sure each part has some root attached. plant all of them on in the usual compost.

From leaf cuttings - Peel plant leaves at base of mature plant. Each removed leaf should have a white end. This ensures enough of the ryzome remains to produce new plants.

Dip white end of the leaves into root hormone before placing into moist potting soil in a pot.

Place the leaf so that it is flat against the top of the soil and secure in place with a little soil at edges. Baby plants grow out from the white end or leaf base.

16 Jan, 2011


Be sure to use a lime-free potting soil, too.

18 Jan, 2011

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