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By Pamsco

Midlothian, Scotland Sco

Which of these options is best for starting seedlings? These will be sweet peas and marigolds amongst other things.

1. A garage window sill (S facing) temp about 5oC due to small frost fighter heater.

2. Unheated shed window sill (E facing) temp variable could be low in the -4 to -5oC in next couple of weeks.

3. North facing spare bed room window sills c 15oC

4. South facing kitchen window could be up in the 20oC

I just don't know?




Assuming your 'other things' are as 'normal' for this country as marigolds and sweet peas, then you shouldn't have any really critical temperatures to worry about Pam. The shed is probably a no-no if you want early germination and even the garage wouldn't get seeds to wake up yet. I think the spare room looks fine for most things but if you decide to go for tomatoes or chillies then they would need a bit more and the kichen is a far better choice. I usually have a kitchen full of toms etc. soon after Christmas and believe me it is a nuisance trying to work when you can't move. Lol. The other beauty of the spare room is that if you should neglect watering for a couple of days, the pots, trays won't dry out so quickly. Quite an important point if you have a memory like mine. So I'd go for the spare room for border and bed type flowers.

16 Dec, 2010


I would also prefer the north facing window sill, Pam. One problem with a south facing window sill is that when the sun shines (yes, it does sometimes) it can get localy hot behind the glass and tender seedlings can be scorched.

16 Dec, 2010


Thank you both. I'll be setting up an old bookshelf to hold the propagators in the spare room then :)

The other things will be vegetable.

5 Jan, 2011

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