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This plant has started to grow in some of my pots.... does anyone know what it is.... i did not plant it....

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Looks like a young foxglove to me - could be wrong though!

14 Oct, 2010


It looks suspiciously like a baby foxglove! I'm over run with them and no idea where they came from. They stay small for ages then suddenly take off and take over.

14 Oct, 2010


thats what i thought they may be.... but my foxgloves leaves are different to these.....

14 Oct, 2010


my neighbour gave me some pots of things she did not want and these have all sprouted up in them.....

14 Oct, 2010


Looks like foxgloves, I agree - as long as the leaves aren't unpleasant to touch. If they feel nasty to the touch, they're borage, not something you want seeding itself round the garden.

14 Oct, 2010


they are quite soft to touch Bamboo.........

14 Oct, 2010


Foxgloves then.

14 Oct, 2010


Indeed Foxgloves. The tiny seeds blow around and get everywhere!

15 Oct, 2010


Thanks everyone....

15 Oct, 2010


Yes these are foxgloves Hollyeves. I have found a number of these growing in my tubs too, probably from the birds pooh!!

15 Oct, 2010


Thanks Linsuffolk....

16 Oct, 2010


The dry seed pods (carpels) split open to release dust-like seed that is wind blown because of its very small size. The carpels are not bird attractant in the slightest so sorry Linsuffolk, not through bird poo. ;-)

17 Oct, 2010


: O ))

18 Oct, 2010


Thanks Fractal, you've taught me something I didn't know. Its good to learn new things, thats why GOY is so interesting!

19 Oct, 2010


I learn something new everyday myself Linsuffolk :-)

20 Oct, 2010

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