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By Kayejay

ESSEX, United Kingdom Gb

can I plant hardy cyclamen straight into the ground in their little pots so I can lift them in the spring to make way for my spring plants?



Well you could - but then why would you? During late spring and summer your cyclamen will be quite dormant so not in the way at all. Also after flowering, their foliage for a few weeks adds some ground interest, especially the varigated ones. I would save myself the bother!

I've got my cyclamen happy mixed in with all manner of other bulbs, comings and goings of bedding. If I dig out the odd corm by mistake I just pop it back.

10 Oct, 2010


Long term you cyclamen are going to need a lot more attention if you keep them in pots. As Camay states they will be dormant in late spring summer so you can have other plants growing in the same place that give you interest and colour at that time.

10 Oct, 2010


It is not the best idea, Kaye, but possible. It should be OK to do this for the first winter (have you just bought some?) but then they will have used up the nutrients in the compost and need attention. They will need repotting into fresh compost and larger pots, I would suggest pond pots (the ones with the latice work sides) so that the roots can go out into the surrounding soil. For this first winter I would carefully cut the bottom off the pots so that the compost is in direct contact with the soil.
Your spring plants should not interfere with cyclamen planted in the ground as long as you don't keep digging up the corms as you work the ground, and the cyclamen will be much happier.

10 Oct, 2010


Three hits at the same time!!!!
I am glad that we are all saying the same thing.

10 Oct, 2010


Thankyou so much to all three of you ! yes I've just bought them, and I had an idea that it maybe not a good idea because of restricted growth etc. The reason I was going to do it was, I've got two narrrow borders each side of a small path leading up to my front door. Summer time I plant what ever bedding plants I fancy, this year I planted 'help the heroes' petinuas, I was thinkng that if I put them straight into the ground I wouldn't have room for summer bedding, so I'll just lift them carefully or try and plant around them! thankyou again!

10 Oct, 2010

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