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What should I do to my fig tree now? It has fruited well. It is in a pot.



You probably need to prune it hard to keep it smaller if its in a pot. It can be quite complicated if you want to train it to a certain shape, or if you want earlier figs, so if you want either of these, Google Ficus carica pruning - there's a site called Tharfield Nursery which gives good instructions. Otherwise, hard prune in winter, while the plant is dormant, always cutting back to a node,or bud.

9 Oct, 2010


The most important thing if you want it cropping next year is to remove all the small unripe figs which remain, except for the very tiny 'embryo' ones which will form the fruit which will ripen next summer.
If you are in a cold spot, bring it in during the coldest period in the winter so the embryo fruit aren't damaged by frost.
If you ever want a sizeable crop I would advise planting directly in the ground against a south facing wall, as you will never get more than a handful of figs from one in a pot, unless you have a HUGE pot.

9 Oct, 2010

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