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I’m sorry to bother you but a few years ago my parents used to own an indoor plant/small tree that when you made a loud sound (such as slamming a door) the plant would loose its leaves, I was told that it was a “Quivering Fig” however upon googling the name I cannot find any plant by that name.

Unfortunately there is no photos of the plant but any advice on what this sound sensitive tree type of plant could possibly be as I would like to own one once again.

Any help would be greatly received.

Thanks Vicky



I've heard of one that "dances" to music or noise--Desmodium gyrans--but neverone that lost its leaves! I would think that would be hard to keep alive!

20 Sep, 2010


Probably Ficus benjamina of some variety - if its leaves fell off when the door slammed noisily, that just means the plant wasn't particularly healthy - the leaves were ready to drop anyway, and any reverberation which shook the plant slightly meant they fell off. These plants hate draughts and being near a heat source, and don't like direct sunlight either, so its not difficult to cause significant leaf drop.

20 Sep, 2010


Direct sunlight isn't such a challenge for it, though it has to be used to it! In my experience, 90% of the trouble with Ficus benjamina is due to trying to grow it in too little light. If it gets enough light from the get-go, including some morning sun, it shrugs off minor environmental changes. Keep it in a dark corner, and it's like a "bubble boy".

21 Sep, 2010

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