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when is the optimum time to apply nematodes for slugs. I don't have the money to apply every 6 weeks. I did apply one lot in the spring and it did keep the little blighters away until the end of may. I think i applyed it at the end of april. However last week in digging up my maris piper potatoes i found some slugs be them small ones inside my potatoes. I can maybe afford nematodes once in a season at a push twice. Did i apply them at the right time?



The Nematodes work when the soil reaches a temperature of 5°C/41°F and it's damp. They do only last for six to eight weeks, so you do need another application, as twice a year seems be sufficient for most gardens.

16 Sep, 2010


Thanx ever so much i will have to go and get a soil thermometer now! So if twice a year is sufficent when would be the best time to reapply the nematodes? This is my first year of growing fruit and veg so i'm a begginner! thanx again

17 Sep, 2010


I would think that spring would be a good time, or when you plant the first potatoes, anyway! - but I'm no expert, I'm afraid.

17 Sep, 2010


Thanx it's all by trial and error we learn from our mistakes! mine was to not put butterfly netting up!

17 Sep, 2010


Oh dear. Well - at least there are more butterflies around! Not good for your cabbages, though. :-(

17 Sep, 2010

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