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I have a couple of Gardenia's and they did just great when I first got them ... but since there first flowering (which is when I bought them) they have not flowered properly since !? The smaller bush gets a few flowers but recently has started to drop yellow leaves and the standard Gardenia that I have hasn't flowered at all ??? It got loads of buds on it last year but then they "dropped" just as they were about to open. ??? Seriously I have had these 2 plants for 3 years and I love the smell and look of Gardenia's but my patience is quite simply running out !! I'm thinking Mr Gardenia is about to meet Mr Shredder and be laid to rest as mulch under my tree !!! Any suggestions... Oh and I have tried not watering, watering, changing PH of soil ... etc etc so its not through lack of effort on my part ... Im beginning to think that Mr Gardenia is just not putting in 100% and is revolting against everything I do ... Sooo did not realise that Mr Gardenia was so rebellious !

On plant Gardenia jasminoides



Gardenia is very temperamental.For flower buds to form you would need night temperature 60f--65f day temp should 70f--75f .Careful watering is needed to prevent the buds from dropping off and soft water soft water must be used to prevent the foliage turning yellow


16 Sep, 2010


Also use a fertilizer for acid-loving plants, and make sure it is protected from strong winds.

16 Sep, 2010


Thanks .. Johnjoe & wylieintheazores :) Unfortunately I have no control over the temperature or the rain lol ....and I never usually spray the foilage or flowers with water :) as I know it turns them yellowie brown :( ... fingers crossed they flower this year.

20 Sep, 2010

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