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what should i do with the baby shoots thats round the bottom of my 15ft codyline plant?



First I'd ask if the top of the plant is healthy, and the trunk itself is healthy all the way up - baby shoots do sometimes appear at the base of these plants, and up the trunk, but this can occur because the main trunk and growth at the top has been damaged (from the severe winter we had). If your plant is sickly at the top, or the trunk is oozing, peeling or generally looking poorly, leave the plantlets at the base alone - they will take over from the main trunk and continue to grow on, and you may need to chop the trunk down if it gets worse. If the trunk is healthy, growth at the top is fine, then you can either leave the plantlets, or dig around and see if you can get a good piece of root with them if you cut them off. No roots means they'll die, a bit of root and they might grow on separately.

2 Sep, 2010

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