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Is golden hop able to cope with very dry soil?
Any climber/rambler/scrambler suggestions that are tough as old boots?Are they best planted in late autumn or spring



No - it prefers a moist soil.

Are these other climbers also to go in dry soil? That's a bit difficult to answer without knowing which direction the area faces - is it in sun or shade?

18 Aug, 2010


Thanks-that rules that one out.The wall is facing East and is sheltered.The problem is,due to a privacy issue,we have had to plant the dreaded Lleylandii,and they suck so much moisture out of the bed,plus the shade they impose,even a russian vine has died this summer!!!
I wish I had planted very tall bamboo,but they have been in about 8 years and do sort the privacy problem.To start again now seems a bit overwhelming,and would cause quite a long-term privacy issue till the bamboo got established.

19 Aug, 2010


I'm wondering if Clematis montana might survive there - although it's not evergreen.. but Ivies would, and you can get some very pretty variegated ones. Just be careful that they can't harm the wall - if it's in poor condition, they can penetrate the mortar.

They'd be happy rambing through the Leylandii, though - and they're very eco-friendly!

19 Aug, 2010

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