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I found a trailing curcubit growing in my garden last year. I did not plant any curcubits last year so I have no idea where the seed came from. It prroduced a pear shaped and sized hard skinned fruit which I kept for seed. Thios year the seeds grew profusely and produced a yellow green courgette shaped fruit (although obviously not a courgette because the plants were trailing) When cooked young, the fruits have a very strong, bitter and unpleasant taste. I ripped all the plants out and laid them on the ground but they continued to put forth male flowers for four weeks after i uprooted them!. I have saved a couple of the fruit and I am wondering if anyone would be interested in preserving this variety if it is unknown. Perhaps it is a mutation? perhaps it has medicinal properties?

On plant Cucurbita



It sounds like a gourd of some kind. Did they have yellow flowers, or white?

15 Aug, 2010

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