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I have a pear tree that has stopped forming fruit for several years even though
it produces an abundance of blossom. I have no idea how to revive it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. George D.



could the late frosts that we get have killed the blossom consequently no fruit, this happens to me fairly often with plums as well -- makes me treasure the fruit when we do get it, depending on its size it may be possible to protect it with fleece ---or maybe just a couple of branches if frost is forecast to see if that helps

9 Aug, 2010


Perhaps the tree that was providing pollen for your tree nearbye has died off or been removed? This may be leaving your tree with no pollinator. If you know the name of your tree.....Google it with + pollinator and you will find the names of pollinators for your tree. If it proves to be self fertile.....I have no answer.

9 Aug, 2010


good point Dorjac, there are so many fruit trees near me that it didn't cross my mind !

9 Aug, 2010

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