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Tomato 'Super Gigante' variety. I grew these from seed brought back from Italy. There are 3 plants in 2 Gro-bags, 6 in all, watering with same amount of water at roughly same time of day. Please could you tell me what has happened to this one ? Having checked the others,all looks well. Many thanks.

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Blimey Shirley i've waited allday for some body to come up with an answer to this.Must say i don't know, it's an ugly little brute. i recone it's just a rogue tom. if the others are ok don't worry. lol

4 Aug, 2010


Yes, I've been hoping for a reply too ! Just looked at the rest and disappointed to find another going like this. They're very big, well Super Gigante would be, but I don't want to lose any more as I love Tomatoes. : o (((((((

4 Aug, 2010


Shirley next year grow gardeners delight you can't go wrong small but sweet. :0)

4 Aug, 2010


Hi Shirley, have a look at this:

8 Aug, 2010


Many thanks Fractal, Catfacing is something I have never heard of before & appears to be the exact problem with this tomato. The remaining crop are lookinggood, fingers crossed they will ripen ok.

8 Aug, 2010


I must say I heartily agree with you, Tulsalady! I was given a couple of plants of this variety & the fruits are DELICIOUS! At least the lady who gave me them thought that was what they were called!

My friend, Gerry, put in about 6 tomato plants at the end of one row. They look similar to the ones the lady, Eileen, gave me. Gerry's plants are now taller then me! They are still producing flowers & fruit at eye level! They are the cherry type & produce long, loose bunches of lovely small cherry size tomatoes that are absolutely lovely & I eat them like sweets!!! LOL!

6 Sep, 2010

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