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By Mpolo

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

new pototoes?have washed,scrapped, and peeled but all turn fluffy, even the washed ones the skins just came off when cooking, just dont know what to do with the rest in the garden. thanks



Hi Mpolo,
You don`t say which variety of spud you are growing, but I suspect Charlotte. Due to the extremely dry summer the skins have hardened earlier than normal. My own in Suffolk are the same, and fluff up when boiled. They are better if steamed. Why not mash them with a little butter- they`re delicious?

26 Jul, 2010


thank you, they were arron pilot,shall mash them and see what they are like, its the first time have had a crop like these, once again thank you

26 Jul, 2010


My Red Duke of York are behaving like this also but I've been boiling them slowly (not a fast boil) and the skins don't break up as much. If they do brek up they are lovely fried. Also nice cooked like roasts with a dash of olive oil.

26 Jul, 2010


thank you shall try again but boil slow, can always try your way and fry or roast them , its a shame to have to throw them away , once again thank you

26 Jul, 2010

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