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I have 2 chilli plants in pots,do I treat these like tomato plants? What about the pollination?



Are they indoors? I have mine on the kitchen window ledge and pollinate them with a tiny paintbrush. If outdoors I would expect the bees to do it.

2 Jul, 2010


I have them in a mini greenhouse,should I put them outside during the day then back into the greenhouse at night? I,ve read about using a paintbrush! Thanks

2 Jul, 2010


Eeerm! I'm no expert but I would say don't put them out during the day. I put mine out one day and forgot to take them in at night and although we didn't have any frost the chillis started to shed leaves. They are recovering now though. Hopefully someone more knowledgable than me will see this and advise.

2 Jul, 2010



3 Jul, 2010

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