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I planted new autumn bliss raspberry canes last october. This year the canes are producing flowers and also appear to be sending up new canes (quite small at the moment). Should i cut these new canes or the original canes down or leave them and just chop everything down in the winter?



I would just leave alone for this year. One they get under steam next year, you can cut all the canes down on this variety as they fruit on new wood. If you start pruning anything just now, this will slow the roots development.

27 Jun, 2010


Agree with Fractal do not cut anything back right now. We planted 10 autumn fruiting raspberries earlier this year and they too are growing new canes... we will leave them be until next year.

27 Jun, 2010


Many thanks for your replies, I'll leave them well alone for now!

28 Jun, 2010

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