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How long should pea and broad bean pods be be fore harvesting and can the pods be eaten?/.



It isn't so much the size as whether they feel 'full'. If you feel a pea pod and it has grown peas in the pod you can feel the peas; broad beans are slightly more difficult but even so you should see a well rounded pod. You can eat both the pea and bean pods but only if you cook them whilst young i.e. before the peas/broad beans have formed properly. There are varieties of peas - like sugar snap - which are grown for the pod to be eaten, but regular peas and broad beans have to be very young to do this otherwise too tough!

24 Jun, 2010


Thanks Moon,i dont live in Aberdeen how do i change my location? am slightly computer unabled ha ha.

24 Jun, 2010


Another tip Bob, if you shake a pea pod and it rattles then they aren't ready. If it's nice and plump but doesn't rattle then EAT! Lol

24 Jun, 2010


No idea how you change location... ask Pete and Ajay via Contact Us below...

24 Jun, 2010


Go to the 'Your homepage' link at the top of the screen, then select 'Update profile'. About halfway down the page is your location - you can change it there and then Save/Submit the changes.

24 Jun, 2010


To change your location, go to your "homepage", click on "update profile" and you'll find it there!

24 Jun, 2010


like mg says make sure the pods feel full /bumpy /fat

25 Jun, 2010


Thank you so much for your help.

27 Jun, 2010

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