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Can I grow different varieties of courgettes and tomatoes together?


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

Can I grow different varieties of courgettes and of tomatoes together?

I was given some plants as a gift and though it is late I will give it a try. However the tomatoes are 'Gardener's Delight', can I grow them in the same greenhouse as 'Moneymaker' or will that make a hybrid? The same question applies to the courgette plants.



Bryony, the only worry about growing different kinds of the same vegetable together is if you plan on saving the seed. It won't affect the current fruit, but some plants grown from saved seed will be hybrids, unless you take strict control of pollination. That involves hand pollination, and little gauze bags over the flowers both before and after.

23 Jun, 2010


Ooh, thanks, now I think about it that's obvious :D

I (seriously) had mild sunstroke a couple of days ago and my head's been in a muddle since!

There is no way I can get into hybridisation before producing even managing my first ever tomato.

23 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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