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What shape is the fruit of the oak tree?



I'm sure an acorn is the fruit of the oak tree

19 Jun, 2010


Yes, they are mostly the classic egg shape to a greater or lesser degree though some are more top shaped (especially the Red Oak section of the genus).

19 Jun, 2010


If the fruits are diseased though they can look like a knarled craggy conker (but green)

19 Jun, 2010


Or are you refering to the oak gall caused by an insect?
They are spherical and about the size of your fingernail.

20 Jun, 2010


You are either on about the ACORN or the Oak Apple .
The Oak Apple is a golf ball with "warts" , (i call them) all over it but other wise the Acorn is not very big and is the main fruit of the Oak tree

20 Jun, 2010


The Acorn is the ONLY fruit of the oak, the oak apple is a gall induced by a small insect related to Ichneumon Wasps.

20 Jun, 2010

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