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I have a problem with a Cytisus.
For the last 2 years after it has finished flowering I get these strange growths appearing on the plant ( see photo).
It also seems to be slowly dying. What was a very bushy plant has become quite thin.
I have been cutting out all of these sections with the hope that it would stop the problem but still it persists.
I have no idea what it is or what is causing it. Can anyone help me with a solution.

On plant Cytisus




Looks like Broom Gall Mite, though it usually attacks the flowers, so the flowering is reduced or halted. If its been a long standing problem, best to remove the plant and replace with a new one next year - there is no treatment other than cutting out affected areas, which is what you've been doing, I know, but its obviously not just a light infestation. The plant will eventually give up the ghost anyway.

17 Jun, 2010

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