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We planted five bay trees, lauraus nobilis I believe, last autumn. We have looked after them with watering regularly. They are in good soil where other plants are thriving. sadly, one tree has now got completely dry brown leaves on half of it. The others are also showing some signs of what I believe to be underwatered. Am I right? Was it the harsh snow or have we done something wrong. Will they all definately die now or could they still pull through? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. R



Is the part of the tree that's died exposed more than all the others, particularly to cold winds, which bay dislikes? And are they in a position exposed to cold northerly or easterly winds?
Otherwise, when you say you water regularly, what does that mean, exactly? How often and how much?

11 Jun, 2010


Thanks for the response! I have never done this before. One of the five has died on the front aspect of it but it is no more exposed than any other. We do live on a hill side which does get the wind, mainly from the south west. But doesn't everywhere? I have today snapped a couple of the most peripheral branches to see how desiccated they are. Not looking great. They do improve the closer to the thicker branches. The leaves have tiny brown speckles on them, and brown patches. Some leaves are totally brown. We planted last October and watered daily for at least two weeks. This did then ease to about 3 times per week. Then of course the snow came. It was with us for at least six weeks. We didnt water them then. Needless to say we are putting the hose pipe on them every day now when it hasnt rained. I noticed the first tree and the most affected was browning in about March. Do you think they are all gonnas. Cost us a fortune. The manager from the suppliers has said he may send someone out to look at them. I would like him to do that. I just wish I could save them. Thanks for your help with this.

12 Jun, 2010


Get the supplier out to look at them in case there's a disease of some kind, but can I suggest you sort out your watering properly - I have a blog on watering, so click on my avatar, select blogs in my home page, and select the right one. It's not very long, but too long for me to repeat here.

13 Jun, 2010


Thanks Bamboo. I have read your blog on watering and several others too. The watering blog made alot of sense to me. I will get the supplier out and see what they say. Do you think if they have been underwatered that they could pull through or are we going to see them die a tragic and gradual death?

I am also going to get some Growmore or Vitax just to give them a feed to see if that helps. Is that a good idea or another novice mistake?

Many thanks for your time and expertise.

13 Jun, 2010


No, feeding's good, but don't do it past the first week of July, preferably end of June. Water as instructed, if water's been the problem, they'll be fine - they're not dead yet!

13 Jun, 2010


Brilliant news! Thanks Bamboo. I could really get into this gardening lark....shame about having our own business, two young children, house etc. My time will come. You've been a huge help and opened my eyes to wealth of knowledge open to me. Will keep you posted on the trees.
Cheers, R x

14 Jun, 2010

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