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Hi Everyone. Can anyone tell me please what the orangey/reddish beetle thingies are that are attacking my lilies again this year, and how to get rid of them? Thanx.



They're lily beetles, and the best way of dealing with them is to put a trowel or scoop under the leaf where one is sitting - and then knock it off onto it, and 'squish' it. I say be ready to catch it, because they have a habit of dropping off as you approach, and falling upside down onto the ground. Then you can't find them!

The other thing to watch out for is the grub - this looks like some bird poo under the lily leaves. Get some kitchen paper and wipe it off, screw the paper up and bingo!

You need to look every day - I look twice, as even today in the rain, I found one!

8 Jun, 2010


Thanx Spritzhenry. The lilies are a couple of years old, and I've had a good show of them previously.Then year before last, one pot had a very poor display and I couldn't work out why. Then last year, first the leaves were being eaten and then the buds of all the lilies. Then I noticed these red beetles, and at first didn't think it was those. Actually thought they were of the ladybird family until I noticed the poo stuff you mentioned, and then realised it was those that were attacking the lilies. And now they're back with a vengeance. Have been doing what you suggested, and yes, I agree that when they drop it's hard to see them. I am convinced today though, they must be coming out when I'm asleep, cos when I checked them this morning, there wasn't a bug in sight but lilies had been attacked even more. :o)

8 Jun, 2010


You have to squash them pretty hard too (listen out for a crack) as they can play dead!!!

8 Jun, 2010


Thanx Grandmage. Noticed that when the little blighter took off again. Obviously didn't zap him hard enough. Lost him then. lol.

9 Jun, 2010

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