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I Have 3 Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns in my garden, 2 have failed to unfurl their fronds, allthough the fureld fronds look quite healthy, the other one has only 2 very healthy looking unferld fronds. Does this mean that our heavy winter frosts has killed them ,or is there some remote chance that they might recover ?. Kind Regards Brent



You don't say which part of the UK you are in or whether you protected the crowns of the plants during the winter. All I can say is that we have lost several Dicksonia due to cold winters, and last winter was exceptionally cold. I would suspect your Dicksonia have probably succumbed, but don't do anything until at least July as you never know when the fronds might open up and recover. If there's no growth this summer, then clearly there never will be and you will need to pull them out.

8 Jun, 2010

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