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Dear fellow gardeners
My neighbour has 2 rows of cordon apples. They have been well looked after and pruned last year by a professional tree surgeon. This year they had good blossom until very recently then all the blossom seems to have been affected, almost as though they have been frosted - however we haven't had any frost since April (please see photo attached). Can you advise what this is most likely to be and what he can do about it? We live in Bristol. Hope to hear from you soon Jill



There is no photo shown. This could be blossom wilt, especially if it has been very wet. The treament is to remove all affected blossoms and use copper spray just before flowering and 14 days later. Remove all fruit affected by brown rot, if any, later in the season. I had a Discovery apple minarette tree where all the buds, leaf buds and blossom buds vanished. It has fully recovered from 2 years ago when this happened.

4 Jun, 2010


Hi Dorjac, Don't know what I did with the photo! Sorry but thanks for the advice. These are also Discovery trees so I feel optimistic that your diagnosis is correct. My neighbour will be pleased. Thanks once again Jill

6 Jun, 2010

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