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By Gwynnj

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

why did all the blossom fall off my apple tree



Do you mean before it should have, guest? It could have been rain/strong wind that did it. Can you see any small fruits beginning to develop?

1 Jun, 2010


No rain or strong wind, the blossom plus stalksjust fell from the branches within 4 days. No sign of small fruits developing.

1 Jun, 2010


Oh - hallo! Sorry I called you 'guest'! Welcome to GoY. :-)

I think you need another answer from one of our fruit-growing members...I can't think of any other reasons why that should happen. Such a shame, though.

1 Jun, 2010


How old is the tree? The usual reason for losing the blossom is stress of some description. So you are looking at frost, very cold wind, drought, too young a tree, take your pick.

1 Jun, 2010


No idea on the age of tree as it was already in the garden when I bought the property. We have had no wind, frost or drought. Thanks for answering and giving me information.

1 Jun, 2010


So the next question is whether you had any bees in the garden when the tree was in blossom? Or is there another apple tree which was in flower at the same time as yours? If not then the flowers would no be pollenated and then would fall.
Otherwise I cannot find anything else in the books to explain it.

1 Jun, 2010


Got the same trouble in a client's garden - but I'm pretty sure this happened because the weather suddenly turned much colder as the blossom opened after some rather warm weather beforehand. As I'm in West London, I'd be surprised if yours didn't notice the same drop in temperature.

1 Jun, 2010


Thanks to all

2 Jun, 2010

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