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do we pinch out sids shutes on gardeners delight tomatos



if it is a 'bush' type of tomato then I think you leave them alone. I know that with straight tomatoes the side shoots need pinching out to get a decent size fruit

1 Jun, 2010


Gardeners Delight is an indeterminate type so you grow it as a cordon, with a single stem, pinching out the sideshoots as you go.
However, as the tomatoes are quite small any way, you can if you choose grow it on two, three or even four separate stems, taking out the sideshoots on each, to make more of a bush.
If you don't take out sideshoots it will grow very bushy and uncontrollable and most of the fruit will be very small. All the shade will probably cause the fruit to rot and be slow to ripen.
It's only determinate or bush tomatoes which you leave, as these stop growing if you take out sideshoots.

1 Jun, 2010

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