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How can I make my Aeonium branch out?

On plant Aeonium



I would make sure that it has plenty of light, including some morning sun, and feed it lightly--maybe 1/2 strength Miracle-Gro for Blooming Plants. If that doesn't work after a few months, cut off the rosette with a few inches of stem, let the cut end dry for several days, and start it as a cutting in a fast draining, gritty compost. That is just in case the stump decides not to sprout--if it does sprout, you have an extra for a friend! Part of this is going to depend on what kind of Aeonium you have: A. simsii multiplies like hens and chicks, A. arboreum branches moderately, and A. tabulaeforme rarely branches.

28 May, 2010



30 May, 2010

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