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By Sophiem

Herts, United Kingdom Gb

Whats this on my honeysuckle? Been told its fly eggs but thought Id get a 2nd opinon from someone who can actually see what it looks it.

It is also on my roses.




Just looks like black spot from this distance, need a close up pic of an affected leaf please

26 May, 2010


it will be black spot then .Is the honeysuckle near your Roses?
Give it a good spray of Rose Clear . Works wonders , do it once a week and do it weekly .
It will work and get rid of it , but it will take its time , spray your honeysuckle with it as well , it should not be too bad then.My husband does this with "his roses"

26 May, 2010


this is a Leaf Spot, not sure whether it's fungal or bacterial. Worth spraying with a fungicide nonetheless - I note Hijuju suggests Roseclear - I'd recommend Roseclear 3 in particular. You will need a sprayer to mix it up in, but the advantage is that its systemic, which means you'll only need to do it fortnightly - note also that the strength of solution you make up is stronger for fungicidal problems, check the instructions on the bottle. If you ever water, don't water the leaves, just do the base of the plant (bacterial leaf spot spread by water splash) and, in fact, this condition is made worse by very dry conditions at the roots. Roseclear 3 also treats for aphids, etc., at a weaker strength.

27 May, 2010


Thanks, I got some rose clear 3 so hopefully that will work!

3 Jun, 2010

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