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how do i improve light sandy soil?



Hi, light sandy soil has problems as well as several advantages.
It is hungry all the time as nutrients get washed away easily. Working in any fibrous material, compost, leafmould, manure all help to retain moisture and nutrients in the top layer. Mulching helps enormously to retain moisture too. Choosing plants that suit the soil helps to prevent heartache, the good news is that there are tons of plants happy to grow in your soil.
The other good news is that your soil remains workable on most days of the year, even after heavy rain, and warms up quickly at the start of the year so plants get away to an early start.
I've just moved to a new house and garden on sandy soil so I'm wrestling with the same problems. The plants I've put in so far have all had a generous addition of compost in the planting hole along with a sprinkle of blood, fish and bone meal. I'm alarmed to see my two pug puppies showing great interest in the bone meal - licking it when they get the chance, hence I put it in the hole rather than sprinkling on the surface. Has anyone else had this problem??

23 May, 2010

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