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I bought a Grape Vine 'Brandt' today for new pergola. Would it be wise to divide this into 2 plants or plant as whole please ?

On plant Vitis

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Vines are usually very rampant once they get established. Our vine, which was a tiny stick once goes up 10-12 feet and along about 30 feet and then 1/2 way up the Hawthorn if it can sneak up there. Question is ....What facilities are you providing for even one vine. Your vines look very healthy and ready to go . If you have room you could grow two, but not if it hurts to split such a lovely healthy plant.

8 May, 2010


Thanks Dorjac - if you have time, take a look at my blog on the make-over and you'll see the 2 upright posts of the pergola. The vine, if I were to divide it, could climb up both posts. Good or bad idea ?

8 May, 2010


Our Canopy, which has a covering of poly vynyl sheeting, is 19 feet long and 10 feet deep. Our single vine has travels possibly 40- 50feet. In a rainy season it goes silly, bits have to be taken off all the time ,so I can get out of the house. Your pergola is not all that large. My husband is ill, and I do all the gardening, with a little payed help. By all means plant at either side. Our vine is in the garden, in earth. I am not entirely sure if you are going to plant in the earth or pots. Vines don't really like pots over a period of time. The other way is to treat as if in a greenhouse/vineyard and cut back to a 3 foot stump every late autumn. In spring the new growths could be trained up your pergola. I have a short blog about our vine if you want to look.

8 May, 2010


Thanks again Dorjac, I'll take a look. Vine will be planted in the ground once the builders have left ! I have much compost and some topsoil ready and waiting too !

8 May, 2010


Should look fantastic Shirley. You can sit under the shade of Brandt, over your pergola, and have a French style long dinner hour lasting 3 hours. Our Pinot Noir already has shoots about 10 inches long with flower buds the whole 40 foot length. I think this is due to the protection of the canopy roof.

9 May, 2010


Morning Dorjac, just viewed your blog re. vine and must say how gorgeous those leaves are ! My OH has an idea for the support neded so I will show him your blog for inspiration. Many thanks. : o )

9 May, 2010

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