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Wots the best way to get rid ov a bee nest..2yrs ago we called sumeone out, he said they was dyin off, and to leave them, an that they would come back the year after, an yes they did, an now ther back again, under the deckin



not sure if bees are actually a protected species, sorry other than that don't really know.

25 Apr, 2010


water will probebly work to flush out the queen bee and where ever she goes the rest will follow

25 Apr, 2010



25 Apr, 2010



25 Apr, 2010


You can call your local bee keeping soc. maybe ? Thats if you have one. They are very keen to look after our bees as their numbers are in decline, there is me with an empty nesting bee box and wanting bees in my garden but to no avail. I do have however Mason bee nesting boxes which are amazing and I spend hours watching them, such busy little creatures, but like you I do not think I would like them under my decking. Good luck.

25 Apr, 2010


Grandmage is right - find a local bee keeper to see if they're interested, assuming they're actually honey bees and not just lone bees in individual nests or holes. If they're wasps, then a pest disposal company will do better.

26 Apr, 2010


We all hate wasps don't we ? but apparently they are the best of natures 'mopper upperers' and clean the garden of all debris !! Interesting, It still doesn't make me like them though but I bet someone does !

28 Apr, 2010 sorry can't help it. not just the best 'mopper uppers' but also the most soppy! I was stood by a bin one day, as you do, and there were two wasps buzzing quite merrily, drunk on the sweet perfume of coke and rotting rubbish, and, me being me, somewhere up in the land of fluffy clouds, wondered aloud within me head, '

well i know how horses greet one another
and for cats its obvious,
but how do sweet little wasps respond
when they want to greet each other,

then would you believe, right in front of my eyes,
as i heard a voice within my head,
a voice say 'this is how we greet each other my dear',
and let us hope that our very sillent(?) signs,
they are for you my dear well read'

and as the lifted up in flight, instead, of flying off right away,
they did fly with nose to nose,
and it was if my dear, they had heard the words i'd said....
well maybe yes, but you'll n'er tell me any different,
its just the signs of what was read.

and they know how to make paper.:)

29 Apr, 2010


Their nests are a wonder to behold !

29 Apr, 2010

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