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Help! I am worried about my patio roses.Actually i bought one last december 2009 and since am a student living in uni's accomodation i kept my roses in a container.The roses were growing well till winter, it started to have like brown powder on the leaves and stem.I started removing these powder by my hands and i used to remove also the dead leaves, then now i have no leaves, only stems that are getting brown from the top.I am using "biosept" for my plant hoping that it goes well and i also took parts from the healthy stems with 2-3 buds and replanted them.What am doing is right or wrong.Please help me, as am still a beginner and trying my best.

Sorry for my long q.just wanted to give all who would be helpful to me a full grasp on my plants situation.Thank you



Thanks for all the info - just one other thing, have you kept them inside your accommodation, or are they in a pot outside? If they're indoors, they are not indoor plants I'm afraid, and will not tolerate being kept inside for long. Otherwise, they may have a fungal infection.

13 Apr, 2010


Actually they are indoors you are right and i know this is a big problem.I also brought to them Biosept as spray aginst fungal infection and I spray the stems every 4 days.Do you think the stems would go well and flourish back again if i took them out,?as i have no single leaf.

14 Apr, 2010


If the stems are still green, there's a possibility they may recover, but frankly, I doubt it. If you want plants inside, choose something that will cope well with that, there is a large choice, both flowering or just foliage.

14 Apr, 2010

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