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Hi,I would be grateful if anyone had any ideas what is knawing at our lilac tree in the centre of our suburban garden. See picture attached. Perimeter of garden has 6-8ft fence all round, and we have no pets. It does not look like the work of a cat, and bark has also been stripped from further up tree. No sign of any animal/woodpecker during daylight hours- appears to happen at night? Thank you. Malcolm Dodd

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I can only think of one animal. Deer!

10 Apr, 2010


Some years back, we had pruned a mahonia back - and then found its branches practically stripped clean of bark by grey squirrels.
They went around the garden and damaged at least a dozen different shrubs - including damage to a Japanese acer up in its branches, that this picture reminds me of.

10 Apr, 2010


Actually, thats a good call. Could be...

11 Apr, 2010

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