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By Glyntel

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

should I cut the flower heads from my lavendula stoechas..The flowers died last year but heads have not fallen off & as I have a border of 12 plants I don't want to kill them all. I will be grateful for any advise. Thank you



Yes - just snip them off. If the plants are green, they're alive and well. I lost some of mine in the cold weather - it's obvious which ones, as they're pale grey. :-((

6 Apr, 2010


Thank you for your advise.
I've just had a quick look at the plants & they all look dry & grey, so it looks like I have lost them all, I bought them a couple of years ago thinking they would be an ideal long lasting plant.
So I am now on the lookout for replacements for my border.

Any idea's for fast growing hardy plants suitable for a border about 18ins wide & 16 ft long would be gratefully received.

Many Thanks once again

7 Apr, 2010


How about Salvia nemorosa - I have several, my favourites are called 'Caradonna' and 'Ostfriesland' but there are lots, in purple, pink or white. I grow Origanum 'Herrenhausen' and Erigeron karvinskianus with them, as well as Achillea, Knautia macedonica and Campanula lactiflora. All these are hardy. It's a butterfly magnet border, in the sun.

Good luck with the border, and sorry about the lavenders.

7 Apr, 2010


Thanks, Spritzhenry, we will be going around a few garden centre's to see what your recommendation looks like. I'll let you know how we get on.

10 Apr, 2010


Add Lychnis coronaria and Leucanthemum superbum to your list! They're good hardy, reliable plants too.

10 Apr, 2010

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