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We bought 2 citrus trees last autumn. A reticulata and a sinensis. We covered them in fleece over the winter, and fed them winter citrus feed, but they don't look very well. Please see attached (hopefully) photos. How can we make them better? Many thanks, Charlie

Photo_on_2010-04-06_at_10.45__2 Photo_on_2010-04-06_at_16.40__2



give them a feed, repot if necessary, remove any dead or dying leaves, cutting back to live wood if there's dead wood too. They'll be fine, they look pretty good considering the winter we've had.

6 Apr, 2010


Thanks Bamboo, I've never had any non native (well, I know most things aren't actually native) plants to look after, so that's very reassuring.

Is that a convolvulus on your picture? It's lovely, whatever it is. I've got a convolvulus in a pot which is still going strong after about 10 years! I've re-potted it a few times, and cut it back after it's draped itself attractively all summer (I put the pot on top of another one turned upside down so it has room to cascade!) and feed it during flowering and it just goes on and on. I wonder how long it'll last?
Thanks again

6 Apr, 2010


Yes, it is convulvulus - but I'm not sure it hasn't given up the ghost this year. It is ten years old, so I can't complain if its succumbed to this last winter. I wouldn't mind, but they're often difficult to find.

7 Apr, 2010

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