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Thanks for those answers but, that still doesnt help of how many gnomes and thanks for all the sites: )



Well we are gardeners, not gnome experts, Smallstudent. Sorry that GOY coudn't help you.

10 Mar, 2010


Some of us know about Flower Pot People...
.... I guess you would need to have at least three Flower Pot People to become a Flowerpotpersonologist :o)

10 Mar, 2010


Tt!! thats hilarious Lol :~)))

10 Mar, 2010


:o) Mobee...
Peter has created a new GoYpedia page for me to edit... GNOMES :o)

10 Mar, 2010


Proper gardening comprises much more than just horticulture. People who do nothing but fiddle with plants are horticulturalists, not gardeners.

11 Mar, 2010


just read your blog Tt on "Gnomes" as usual it is excellent really funny,"Them Gnomes Them Gnomes Them Sly Gnomes" Lol :~)))

11 Mar, 2010

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