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i have alot of scadoxus multiflorus to plant and was wondering if they can be started in a cold greenhouse in pots in febuary


By Brian12

limerick, Ireland Ie

thanks for the info ..yes they are fireball lily (scadoxus multiflrus) i bought 75 of tem ..will try to sell some and give some away to friends as well but 75 is a lot to lose if its too cold in a cold greenhouse.will give it a try though as i have no room in the house.



I havent grown them [they are the fireball lily?] but they can be overwintered in a cold greenhouse. Certainly start them off but dont get them too wet. cold and wet causes rot.
and welcome to GoY.

18 Feb, 2010


Not sure of the temp. in Limerick, Brian, but these are an African plant and need to be protected from frost. If you have them in the greenhouse then you will probably have to be prepared to supply warmth to keep them from freezing.

18 Feb, 2010


hi thanks for the reply .my greenhouse is on a cocrete base and meaures 30 x 12.5 feet

ive seen it go to -4 in the depts of winter this year inside but mostly its above 0 celcius
the greenhouse is partioned into a 20 feet and 10 feet with doors seperating each area.
i was thinking i could get a parasene heater and try to heat the 10 feet section only and keep scadoxus in there but dont know if its too epensive to keep heated all the time.
i could also get some layers of fleece and try that.i think ive bought more than ive bargained for.

19 Feb, 2010

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