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what type of plant is this? I've had it for years and just never checked and its doing so much better in a less sunny part of my house that i want to look up how to treat it in all ways it likes but can't find it anywhere. sorry the pic is sideways.




If you checked your houseplants book wouldn't it be in there ?
I can't remember its name !

10 Feb, 2010


Think, it's Fatsia...

10 Feb, 2010


Do you know, i had that name in my mind but convinced myself it wasn't !!!

10 Feb, 2010


Fatsia Japonica, had mine outside for years.

10 Feb, 2010


Yes, it's good for a shady spot outside in UK. We've had a cold winter and they are still fine.

10 Feb, 2010


i have this outside and its going great guns.

10 Feb, 2010


thank you to everyone!!! i guess i missed the memo on it being an outside plant but if its doing well i'm not going to worry about it. thanks again!!

11 Feb, 2010

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